Equal Access to Healthcare
Pioneering independent medical diagnosis
DIAN Diagnostics
Equal Access to Healthcare
Pioneer independent medical diagnosis
DIAN Diagnostics
AI-Assisted Digital Pathology Diagnosis Solution
Integrated digital and intelligent solutions in pathology
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DP-TOF Nucleic Acid Mass Spectrometry Solution
From sample to report: Results in as fast as 6-8 hours, enabling same-day delivery of reports within the hospital.
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Laboratory Supplies and Kits
A wide selection of diagnostic kits and laboratory consumables satisfying your demands. Custom orders also available upon request.
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Forensic Drug Test Solution
Dedicated in the field of forensic sciences.
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LC MS/MS Solution
Identification of novel prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers with clinical practice applications
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Health Diagnosis and Treatment Industrial Chain
Integration of “Diagnostic Technology R&D and Production + Medical Diagnostic Services + Health Management”
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Domestic and foreign certificates
Chain medical laboratories
People served
Medical institutions served
10 PB
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Technology Platform and Key Disciplines
Social Responsibility
Following the talent concept of “Making the company a stage for employees self- actualization”, DIAN DIAGNOSTICS conducts multi-dimensional, all-round personnel training programs, and forms a diversified career development paths for management, technical, professional, marketing, support and operations teams.
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From the concepts of "task-orientation” to "people-orientation", DIAN DIAGNOSTICS forms multi-stage talent training programs and the "3-Excellency Model", which covers technology, team, and mechanisms.
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DIAN Corporate Culture Committee sets up a mutual fund for the benefit of employees and their families. Since the mutual fund was established on November 11, 2013, it aided 526 cases by February 2022.
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