Scientific Research Innovation
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS’s Oncology department established a Hematology Diagnosis Center, a High-throughput Tumor Gene Testing Center and a Tumor Prevention and Screening Center. These centers provide cancer patients, high-risk and healthy groups, along with researchers in related fields, with professional and scientific solutions in diagnosis, treatment and research and this represents a full platform coverage of comprehensive oncology services and disease -management.
Infectious Diseases
Disease-oriented Diagnostic Centers have been set up for Respiratory Infections (COVID-19, tuberculosis, fungus, etc.),Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. At the same time, enhanced efforts have been made in construction of comprehensive diagnostic platform comprises nucleic acid PCR/mass spectrometry and sequencing (1st generation Sanger sequencing, 2nd generation NGS sequencing, and 3rd-generation Nanopore sequencing) to fully support all required R&D and clinical services.
Chronic Diseases
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS established an integrated chronic disease intervention and management mechanism. Based on general health examination, DIAN DIAGNOSTICS is able to provide precise health management service to individual in terms of chronic disease, nutrition management, safe medication, health examination and other health aspects. This breakthrough has been achieved thanks to applications in parallel precision platforms of mass spectrometry, nucleic acid mass spectrometry, NGS and others.
Maternity and Child
Providing integrated disease-oriented solutions for clinical practice, DIAN DIAGNOSTICS’s Maternity and Child department primarily focuses on 4 key facilities: Women’s Health Management Center; Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Center for Birth Defects Prevention and Control; and Genetic Disorders Diagnosis Center.