DIAN Diagnostics Ventures into Vietnam with New Subsidiary, Leading the Way in Global Expansion with a "Service + Product" Approach

On April 19th, DIAN Diagnostics reached another milestone in its global expansion efforts with the official establishment of its two subsidiaries, DIAN Diagnostics Laboratory Co., Ltd. and DIAN Diagnostics Vietnam Co., Ltd., both situated in Ho Chi Minh City.



This significant event heralds the imminent commencement of operations for DIAN Diagnostics’ inaugural third-party medical laboratory overseas, coinciding with the synchronized launch of its product distribution channel business. Our company's internationalization strategy now enters a new phase driven by the dual forces of "Service + Product" integration.


DIAN Vietnam stands as the first comprehensive laboratory established abroad by our domestic third-party medical diagnostic (ICL) enterprise. Leveraging the distinctive advantages of DIAN Diagnostics’ "Service + Product" model, and supported by over 20 years of experience in operating third-party medical laboratories and IVD product distribution channels, DIAN Vietnam is poised to deliver cost-effective, timely, and reliable medical diagnostic solutions to healthcare institutions and enterprises across Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam as a whole. This commitment will be realized through the deployment of advanced technological platforms and proprietary products.



DIAN Vietnam Laboratory encompasses various technological platforms, including molecular diagnostics, pathological diagnostics, biochemical immunology, microbiology, and more. It will lead by example in providing clinical diagnostic services and products such as health check-ups, cancer screening, autoimmune disease diagnosis, infectious disease diagnosis, prenatal and neonatal screening, digital pathology diagnosis, and international remote pathology consultations. These offerings will not only enhance testing efficiency and quality for local medical institutions but also improve treatment outcomes for patients, further contributing to the reduction of healthcare costs.


In terms of product distribution business, DIAN Vietnam will closely align with local market demands and leverage our group's self-developed products and supply chain system. Initially focusing on products in the fields of maternal and child health as well as tumor screening, DIAN Vietnam will collaborate with many leading IVD brands from China to serve the Vietnamese market, bringing excellent Chinese manufacturing to the Vietnamese people and accumulating valuable experience and resources for future global market expansion.



As pioneers in the industry, DIAN Diagnostics transformed into an ICL in 2004 and completed a nationwide laboratory network layout in 2017. Currently, our company operates more than 40 chain medical laboratories domestically. In 2022, our subsidiary, DIAN Biotech, took the lead in exploring overseas markets with its self-developed products. Its digital pathology products have been promoted in multiple countries and regions, including Southeast Asia, Europe, and Central Asia.


Considering factors such as geographical location, policies, and culture, DIAN Diagnostics has targeted Southeast Asia as the first region for its diagnostic services to go global. After two rounds of research in 2022, Vietnam became the first stop for DIAN Diagnostics’ internationalization of its service business. It is understood that the concept of third-party medical laboratories in the medical diagnostic industry in Vietnam has just emerged and has not yet formed a scalable effect. However, with the population birth rate currently at a peak, the market potential is significant.


DIAN Diagnostics will be rooted in the local healthcare institutions and residents' health testing needs in Vietnam, continually expanding the number of testing projects and products, as well as the coverage of services. It will gradually introduce international cutting-edge technology platforms such as gene sequencing and clinical mass spectrometry. Additionally, it will further assess the possibility of implementing mature domestic service models such as cooperative construction, precision centers, and research transformation in Vietnam, aiming to promote the industry standards of local medical diagnostic services.


Vietnam marks the first step of DIAN Diagnostics’ internationalization journey with its "Service + Product" strategy. In the future, our company will continue to follow the policy direction of the "Belt and Road Initiative," focusing on regions such as Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, enabling high-quality Chinese diagnostic services and products to reach a broader international market.