Deepening and Expanding International Cooperation, the Medical Centre of University Malaya Visits Dian Diagnostics

On July 4th, a delegation led by Mrs. Chew Yee Yean, the Deputy Director of the Medical Centre of University Malaya, visited Dian Diagnostics' headquarters in Hangzhou for a 3-day exchange program.

The head of the company's International Department showcased the company's efforts in international strategic deployment, technological innovation achievements, and talent development plans in the group exhibition hall and headquarters laboratory. This demonstrated Dian Diagnostics' steadfast commitment to expanding its global influence.

In the afternoon of July 4th, the guests held a discussion with Dian Diagnostics' Chief Scientist in Genetics and Genomic Medicine, Qi Ming, the Director of the Pathology Laboratory, Xu Li, the Director of the Clinical Genomics Center, Qin Lan, and the Senior Director of the Kailai Spectrum Market Center, Kang Zhouyang. They engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as medical talent development, research platform construction, and health services cooperation, laying a solid foundation for further collaboration in the future.

Mrs. Chew Yee Yean highly praised Dian Diagnostics for its achievements in the field of China's big health industry. She expressed her hope that this exchange would mark the beginning of collaboration between the two parties and looked forward to more in-depth cooperation in multiple areas, contributing to the innovation and progress of the medical field.

Dian Diagnostics has always closely monitored the development trends and demands of the international market. Through measures such as product promotion and establishing overseas laboratories, the company deepens its international business strategy and provides overseas customers with higher-level medical services and health management solutions. In line with the international leading trends in diagnostic technology development, the company will continue to expand cooperation in international technology, business, and talent, rooting itself in China and going global, contributing the strength of Dian Di