Behind the 10 million cases of nucleic acid detection, DIAN people are fighting day and night, adhering to their original intention for 24 years...

As of July 20, DIAN Diagnostics has carried out more than 10 million cases of nucleic acid detection, accounting for nearly one tenth of the total nucleic acid detection in China. In this long-lasting war against COVID-19, DIAN is striving to contribute its own values and strengths as a medical institution.


In the past six months, DIAN Diagnostics, as the pioneer in the third-party medical diagnostic industry, adheres to the original intention of protecting the health of Chinese people, and arranges its 35 chain laboratories to carry out COVID-19 detection in every province (autonomous region and municipalities) in China, relying upon its own professional advantages on chain labs and medical cold-chain logistics, with total 400 nucleic acid extractors, nearly 300 PCR amplification instruments, nearly 600 PCR technicians and more than 2,000 distribution staff invested, and with daily maximum nucleic acid detection able to reach 250,000 cases.


There is no mercy in epidemics, but we have love in human heart. With the mission of medical practitioners, all DIAN people are devoting every effort and acting at full speed in this epidemic, composing an ordinary but great anti-epidemic song.


Devoting every effort: all staff in DIAN are involved and making concerted efforts to fight against the epidemic

The outbreak of the epidemic struck a chord in the hearts of people across the country. On January 22, DIAN Diagnostics set up a leading group for prevention and control of COVID-19 quickly, sounding the horn of epidemic prevention and control. Local subsidiaries set up the prevention and control groups headed by the general manager, which were responsible for not only the protection and health monitoring of employees, but also the upgrading of laboratory facilities and equipment, the procurement of protective materials and the implementation of biosafety protection, in order to get ready for serving the epidemic prevention and control at any time.  


The moment of DIAN in fighting against the epidemic


With the spread of the epidemic, chain labs in various regions across the country successively applied to the local government authorities for participating in the battle to carry out COVID-19 detection, seizing every minute and second to race against the epidemic.


In the face of the risk to be infected with COVID-19, DIAN people all over the country, from labs, distribution staff to engineering technicians, purchasers and rear-service personnel, voluntarily gave up the Spring Festival holiday, and worked overtime day and night, sticking to their own posts without thinking about personal gains and losses.  


When the front line was in urgent need, groups of DIAN people signed up actively to support with courage the key epidemic prevention areas such as Wuhan, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Beijing and Xinjiang, some of which even supported from one region to another without going back home in a few months, practicing the spirit that everyone has a share of responsibility for the crisis.


Acting at full speed: to seize every minute, reflecting “DIAN’s speed”

DIAN Diagnostics has always spared no effort in fighting against the virus and charging at the forefront of the anti-epidemic array:


The R&D Center carried out the R&D of nucleic acid detection reagents at the first time, completed the R&D, design and related validation on January 20, and developed a COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit (fluorescent PCR) on January 30.


DIAN Diagnostics is fighting against the epidemic at full speed


With the sharp increase of the demand for nucleic acid detection, more than 100 people in 7 teams of DIAN Diagnostics worked hard day and night and completed the construction of the Rapid Diagnosis Lab in just 7 days with a total area of 1,200 m2, and with daily nucleic acid detection up to 100,000 cases.


Whether the war for zero case in Hubei Province, or the prevention and control of the epidemic suddenly breaking out in northeast China, Beijing and Xinjiang, DIAN Diagnostics, in response to the governments requirement for epidemic prevention, not only deployed local subsidiaries to carry out virus detection promptly, but also allocated technicians, equipment and materials at the first time to give sufficient support to labs around the country, devoting its own strength to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Having all DIAN people involved: work in coordination to respond to all varieties of detection demands

During the most severe period of the epidemic, the labs of DIAN around the country successively participated in the war, and actively cooperated with the health commissions and centers for disease control in various regions to perform emergency detection properly, in order to help detect, report, isolate, and treat patients with COVID-19 as early as possible:


DIAN Diagnostics participates in the screening of various key populations


After phased results had been achieved in the prevention and control of the epidemic, DIAN Diagnostics provided positive coordination for the government, medical institutions, enterprises and schools to screen the key populations for COVID-19, providing a guarantee for overall resumption of work, production and teaching;


With the development of the epidemic in foreign countries, all DIANs labs successively undertook the COVID-19 nucleic acid detection among entry personnel, in order to implement the prevention and control strategy to prevent the epidemic from importing from foreign countries and spreading inside China;


In order to meet the requirements for detecting as much as it should be done and as much as people want, DIAN Diagnostics also cooperated with dozens of internet platforms including TMALL, Ding Talk, Alipay, Baidu, etc. to provide the online appointment service for COVID-19 nucleic acid detection, realizing the convenient process of online appointment, sampling nearby and online reporting.


We spared no effort to fight against the epidemic, just because of our original intention to care the health of Chinese people.

24 years ago, DIAN Diagnostics got off the ground by selling PCR reagents and consumables as an agent, and PCR technology was one of the earliest gene technologies applied in clinic . The name of DIAN was derived from DNA, containing our pursuit of protecting peoples health with advanced gene technologies.


From the zero case war during the emergency period of the epidemic, to the screening among key populations after the normalization of the prevention and control, DIAN Diagnostics became the main force among the third-party labs fighting against the epidemic by relying upon its own advantages on the R&D of diagnostic technology and product manufacture, medical diagnostic services, and health management, and by carrying forward the experience accumulated during the fight. So far, the COVID-19 nucleic acid detection amount exceeded 10 million cases, which was not only an achievement, but also a force to drive us forward.


The worldwide spread of COVID-19 requires all forces to join hands and fight against this human crisis together. DIAN Diagnostics will adhere to its original intention as it always does and assume social responsibilities and medical missions to fight against the epidemic until it is eliminated!