Corporate Social Responsibility
Cultivating talent for the industry
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS conducts national and provincial genetic counselor training programs organized by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province in many locations throughout the country. These programs help the industry to train more talented individuals specializing in birth defects prevention & control, and genetic counseling. DIAN DIAGNOSTICS cooperates with 32 well-known universities to set up numerous apprenticeship bases, receiving the award of National Demonstration Unit for apprenticeship programs of College Graduates.
Promoting employees long-term growth
Diversified career development paths

Following the talent concept of “Making the company a stage for employees self- actualization”, DIAN DIAGNOSTICS conducts multi-dimensional, all-round personnel training programs, and forms a diversified career development paths for management, technical, professional, marketing, support and operations teams.
Promoting employees long-term growth
Concept of advancing with the times

From the concepts of "task-orientation” to "people-orientation", DIAN DIAGNOSTICS forms multi-stage talent training programs and the "3-Excellency Model", which covers technology, team, and mechanisms.
Promoting employees long-term growth
DIAN greatness mutual fund

DIAN Corporate Culture Committee sets up a mutual fund for the benefit of employees and their families. Since the mutual fund was established on November 11, 2013, it aided 526 cases by February 2022.
Promoting sustainable social development
Since the COVID-19outbreak , DIAN DIAGNOSTICS has carried out nucleic acid tests in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, and helped screen people for quarantine, treatment, and for those returning to work or school, thus becoming a major third-party laboratory force to fight the COVID-19.

Since China launched its cervical- breast dual cancer screening program in 2009, DIAN DIAGNOSTICS has carried out more than 45 million cervical cancer cell pathological tests, and more than 15 million HPV DNA tests. These tests covered 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), 334 cities and 2,553 counties. The Company was also awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the China Cancer Research Foundation for 12 consecutive years.

DIAN FORENSICS Center has created a “gene bank” to help people find lost relatives and has helped more than 300 families find their relatives.