High-quality Products and Services
Network layout
Diagnostic services - 43 medical laboratories
Nearly 20 years of operating experience, with more than 3,300 diagnostic parameters offered. Daily sample size of 250,000, serving more than 22,000 medical institutions throughout the country – has served over 330 million people
Products Channel Distribution – more than 10 channel subsidiaries
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS covers most of the provinces nationwide, providing products and services for more than 8,000 customers, with over 90% coverage rate for secondary and tertiary hospitals in the region. The company has operated a dealership system for more than 20 years, with its distributor network now covering 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and more than 60% of partner facilities are tertiary hospitals.

Model Innovation
Collaborative Laboratory Construction -- Customized Solutions for Collaborative Construction of County Level Medical Communities
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS provides consultation, advice and management for personnel, sites, equipment, reagents, projects, quality, services and images at hospital testing centers and laboratories. “Ten key services” have been framed through different combinations of “products and services”, in order to boost the high-quality development of county level medical clusters and fulfil laboratory needs for technology, quality and management. DIAN DIAGNOSTICS has more than 400 collaborative projects with over 1,000 full-time staff, and has implemented the ISO 15189 system for more than 200 hospitals, training over 3,300 laboratory technicians and management personnel, and providing site planning and design services for more than 1,500 laboratories.
Precision Center -- an integrated process for precision diagnosis and treatment
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS Precision Diagnosis is an integrated multi-technology platform based on the needs of clinical departments in hospitals. Based on a "product + service" model, it collectively fulfils needs for compliance management and skills building. The platform aims to create an integrated process for precision diagnosis and treatment centered on clinical disciplines. This covers the whole process from prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and testing, right up to subsequent follow-up visits.