International Cooperation
The DIAN-Hopkins Forum
DIAN DIAGNOSTICS has jointly held the Dian-Hopkins Forum together with the Johns Hopkins University six times since its inception in 2015. In 2017, DIAN DIAGNOSTICS established its International Pathology Consultation Center in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University.
Global partners of GENEDIAN
DIAN Biotechnology (brand: GENEDIAN) has developed its international business in Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. In Europe, its business has developed outwards with Germany at the center where GENEDIAN and SayFine brands are promoted in tandem. In Australia, GENEDIAN has adopted a localization strategy to expand local business. In Southeast Asia, the Malaysia representative office was established to explore multi-dimensional cooperation models.
International cooperation in clinical mass spectrometry
CALIBRA Precision Medicine, a subsidiary of DIAN DIAGNOSTICS, has maintained a close strategic cooperation with global mass spectrometry leader SCIEX, a member of the Danaher Group, and with the separation science and technology innovator Phenomenex. Together, we have worked on the R&D and production of clinical mass spectrometers and reagents, multi-omics innovation and other fields for many years.
Teddy Lab Serves the World Based on the Chinese Market
Teddy Lab has reached strategic cooperation agreements with a number of overseas central laboratories, in order to expand the service capacity of central laboratories throughout the world. These include ICON and PAREXEL, the leading CRO enterprises in the United States, the central cancer research laboratories of HematoGenix and NeoGenomics in the United States and Cerba Research in Belgium, mlm Medical Labs, the leading European central Laboratory, ViroClinics-DDL, the global virology central laboratory, and Act Genomics, the leading cancer gene testing company in Taiwan, China.
Global Talent Sourcing
International Talent Sourcing Concept
Talented individuals with understanding of global cutting-edge technologies;
Core executives with global enterprise management experience;
Introduce international professional managers, technical experts and entrepreneurial teams based on the '3-Excellence' concept (excellence in technology, team, and mechanism).

International Talent Sourcing Channel
Cooperation with international recruitment companies, introduction by investors, overseas business BD, cooperation with overseas universities, LinkedIn channel, internal recommendations from existing overseas talents, participation in government talent sourcing projects, etc.